Homewood Community Partners Initiative

The Homewood Community Partners Initiative grew out of a greater understanding that the health and well-being of Johns Hopkins University's Homewood campus is inextricably tied to the physical, social, and economic well being of its surrounding neighborhoods.

The best community-university partnerships recognize that there is an alignment of interests between the university and community.  Students, faculty, and staff share the community’s interest in safer streets, better schools, and more dynamic retail.

The 10 neighborhoods and one commercial district around the Homewood campus have great strengths and are well positioned for small- and large-scale market-rate development. Yet, some of the neighborhoods have significant challenges in public safety, sanitation, housing blight, quality education, and retail development.

The 29 recommendations in the HCPI report fall into five categories: quality of life, blight elimination, education, commercial and retail development, local hiring and purchasing.  These strategies are designed to strengthen neighborhoods. At its core, HCPI is a partnership that brings the unique strengths of its partners to the table around a common vision. Johns Hopkins will act as catalyst, convener, and advocate. 

Read the HCPI report, "A Call to Action." [PDF] »