Ten Goals by 2020

The Ten by Twenty is an articulation of priorities for the university through the remainder of the decade.

It seeks to map our exceptional history, the approaching challenges, and the boundless opportunities that lie ahead.  The plan took shape through conversations across the university over the last several years, and in particular, more than 35 discussion sessions with over 1,000 members of our community—faculty, students, staff, alumni, deans and trustees—over the past six months.

The conversation about our collective future is only beginning—and your thoughts will help shape our path forward.

Watch this space for opportunities to participate in advancing the Ten by Twenty and for annual reports on our progress toward each of these priorities.

One University

  1. Selectively invest in those programs and activities that will advance significantly our core academic mission. Read more »
  2. Strengthen our capacity for faculty-led interdisciplinary collaboration and launch a set of innovative cross-cutting initiatives that will contribute substantially to the world of ideas and action. Read more »
  3. Enhance the impact of Johns Hopkins Medicine, the Bloomberg School of Public Health and the School of Nursing, as the world’s preeminent academic health sciences enterprise by deepening collaboration among these entities and with disciplines in other parts of the university and across the globe. Read more »

The pressing questions of tomorrow are not confined to distinct silos, and neither will be the answers we devise.

From its earliest days, Johns Hopkins has been a place of remarkable collaboration across world class disciplines. We have nurtured a ethos that has fueled a voracious intellectual curiosity and a relentless quest to join together in advancing humanity in service to the world.

In honoring this tradition of innovation and entrepreneurship, Johns Hopkins seeks to remove the barriers that may stand in the way of interdisciplinary scholarship and research. We aim to foster collaboration that respects the discipline of the disciplines, while promoting the cross-pollination of ideas and energies that will spark the discoveries of tomorrow.

Individual Excellence

  1. Build Johns Hopkins’ undergraduate experience so it stands among the top ten in the nation.
    Read more »
  2. Build on our legacy as America’s first research university by ensuring that at least two-thirds of our Ph.D. programs stand among the top twenty in their fields. Read more »
  3. Attract the very best faculty and staff in the world through a welcoming and inclusive environment that values performance and celebrates professional achievement. Read more »

Since its founding as America’s first research university, Johns Hopkins has defined the modern American institution of higher education. 

The university is committed to a simple premise:  that it is the best place in the world to grow, discover and achieve.  To continue that legacy, the institution must attract the most talented minds and, once here, help them realize their full promise.

For our students, this means unparalleled opportunities for intellectual growth and accomplishment and connections to teachers, mentors, the community, and one another.   For our faculty, it means investing in an open and supportive intellectual environment without peer, a place suffused with bold innovation that gives pride of place to freedom of thought, to collegiality and discovery, and the relentless pursuit of excellence.  For our staff, it means a workplace that respects and recognizes contributions and provides meaningful opportunities for advancement.

Commitment to Our Communities

  1. Enhance and enrich our ties to Baltimore, the nation and the world, so that Johns Hopkins becomes the exemplar of a globally engaged, urban university. Read more »

Johns Hopkins University is not only at Baltimore or in Baltimore, but truly and proudly of Baltimore. As the city’s largest anchor institution, firmly rooted in the history and development of the city, we feel the constant pull of urban issues.

So too, the scope of our education, our research, our medical care extends to every corner of the nation. And, no academic institution has demonstrated more of a commitment to the developing world, or played more of a role in seeking to remedy the impact of the gaping disparities in wealth, health and education around the globe.

Our university holds the capacity to contribute so much for the benefit of the multiple communities of which we are a part.

We must harness their collective intellectual and moral strengths to heed this call as never before . . . for the betterment of our communities, and for the betterment of ourselves.

Institution Building

  1. Strengthen the institutional, budgetary, technological and policy frameworks necessary to set priorities, allocate resources, and realize the highest standards of academic excellence. Read more »
  2. Reinforce our position as the leading university recipient of competitively funded federal research support, while increasing the amount of annual research investment from other sources with appropriate cost recovery. Read more »
  3. Develop the resource base necessary to support investments in key academic priorities. Read more »

To strengthen its position as one of the world’s premier academic research institutions, Johns Hopkins University must marshal the required resources, policies and arrangements to support the realization of our academic mission.

This means harnessing the data and processes needed to make informed and considered judgments about our future, fortifying our competitiveness for federal and other research funding, and growing our endowment through philanthropy and other sources of investment.

Through these efforts, we will build an even stronger university, one that is able to invest in our core academic priorities and the groundbreaking discoveries of tomorrow.

We are well on our way.