Areas of Law Practice

Healthcare & Research

Practice Group Leader:
Theresa Colecchia



Stefanie Gregory

Meaghan Atkinson

Clyde Bernett 

Lisa Reese (Paralegal)




Policy Development

Brandyn Hicks

Litigation & Contested Matters

Practice Group Leader:
Terri L. Turner



Jennifer DaCosta

Bill Pinner (Paralegal)

Business Transactions & Commercial Matters

Practice Group Leaders:
E. Bernard Justis

Philip Roberts



Clyde Bernett 
(Secondary Assignment)

Stephanie W. Shea

Rebecca Kashiwagi 
(Development matters)

Stefanie Gregory
(Real Estate matters)

Neena Fuchs (International matters)

Student Affairs & Employment Matters

Practice Group Leader:
Gerard St. Ours



Neena Fuchs

Sara Slaff 

Rebecca Kashiwagi    

Jennifer DaCosta
(Secondary Assignment)

Syma Siddiqui
(ERISA & Employee Benefits)


Healthcare/SOM/ JHM

  • Clinical Practice including billing and regulatory compliance, physician alignment
  • JHI Agreements
  • Graduate Medical Education & Postdocs


  • Animals (IACUC)
  • Clinical Trials
  • Conflicts of Interest
  • Effort Reporting
  • Export Controls
  • Human Subjects
  • Sponsored Research Agreements
  • Misconduct


  • Academic Freedom
  • Employment, Promotion, Tenure
  • Misconduct

Lawsuits, Arbitration, Mediations

Subpoenas & Information Requests

Government Agency Charges, Investigations (e.g. EEOC, OCR, OSHA)

Business/Commercial Transactions and Contracts

  • Purchasing
  • Real Estate, Facilities, Land Use
  • Construction

Copyright and Trademarks

Development: Gifts, Endowment, Investments

Finance and Investments

Health, Safety and Environment



Intellectual Property, Technology Transfer, and Patent Protection

Information/Data Security

Student Affairs

  • Misconduct
  • Title IX/Discrimination
  • Admissions/Financial Aid

Student Life, Student Organizations, Greek Organizations

Employment and Labor Relations

  • Terminations/Discipline
  • Discrimination; Sexual Misconduct;  Affirmative Action
  • Collective Bargaining/Labor Disputes
  • Employee Benefits

Disability Issues (students, employees, facilities)

Student and Employee Privacy