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     Administration --> VP and General Counsel --> Specific Practice Areas




Office of the Vice President and General Counsel


Areas of Law Practice

Healthcare, Research &

Faculty Matters

Litigation &

Contested Matters

Business Transactions &

Commercial Matters

Student Affairs & Employment Matters

Practice Group Leaders:

Practice Group Leader:

  Practice Group Leaders:

Practice Group Leader:

Frederick G. Savage

Patricia McLean


Terri L. Turner

E. Bernard Justis

Philip Roberts

Gerard St. Ours

Stefanie Gregory

Rebecca Abelson

 Clyde Bernett (Secondary Assignment)

Jennifer DaCosta

Bill Pinner (Paralegal)

Clyde Bernett

Stephanie W. Shea

Rebecca Abelson (Development matters)

Stefanie Gregory (Real Estate matters)

Neena Fuchs (International matters)

Neena Fuchs

Sara Slaff

Jennifer DaCosta

(Secondary Assignment)






Healthcare/SOM/ JHM   

  • Clinical Practice including billing and regulatory compliance, physician alignment
  • JHI Agreements
  • Graduate Medical Education & Postdocs


  • Animals (IACUC)
  • Clinical Trials
  • Conflicts of Interest
  • Effort Reporting
  • Export Controls
  • Human Subjects
  • Sponsored Research Agreements
  • Misconduct


  • Academic Freedom
  • Employment, Promotion, Tenure
  • Misconduct


Lawsuits, Arbitration, Mediations


Subpoenas & Information Requests


Government Agency Charges, Investigations

          (e.g. EEOC, OCR, OSHA)

Business/Commercial Transactions and Contracts

  • Purchasing
  • Real Estate, Facilities, Land Use
  • Construction

Copyright and Trademarks

Development: Gifts, Endowment, Investments

Finance and Investments

Health, Safety and Environment



Intellectual Property, Technology Transfer, and

   Patent Protection

Information/Data Security

Student Affairs

  • Misconduct
  • Title IX/Discrimination
  • Admissions/Financial Aid

Student Life, Student Organizations, Greek Organizations  Employment and Labor Relations

  • Terminations/Discipline
  • Discrimination; Sexual Misconduct;  Affirmative Action
  • Collective Bargaining/Labor Disputes
  • Employee Benefits

Disability Issues (students, employees, facilities)

Student and Employee Privacy









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