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Specific Areas of Practice and Contact Names

Area of PracticeContacts
Academic Freedom

Patty McLean                                 Gerard St. Ours

Academic Health Center IssuesDerek Savage
   -(University/School of Medicine Matters)Patty McLean
AccreditationDerek Savage
AdmissionsGerard St. Ours
Affirmative ActionGerard St. Ours, Clyde Bernett
Alumni AffairsDerek Savage
AnimalsDerek Savage
AntitrustDerek Savage
APL Relationship

Derek Savage(coordination with APL Office of Legal Counsel)

Athletics: Agreements and NCAA issuesDerek Savage
Athletics: Employment and Title IXGerard St. Ours
Audits (external)Derek Savage
Audits (internal)Assigned by subject matter
Background ChecksGerard St. Ours, Patty McLean
BankingBernard Justis
BankruptcyBernard Justis
BondsBernard Justis
Business TransactionsAssigned by subject matter
Center for Talented YouthGerard St. Ours, Clyde Bernett
Civil Rights/Speech IssuesGerard St. Ours, Patty McLean
ClaimsTerri Turner
Clinical Affiliation AgreementsAssigned by subject matter below
   -School of MedicineDerek Savage, Patty McLean
   -OtherClyde Bernett
Clinical Practice AssociationDerek Savage
Clinical TrialsDerek Savage
CollectionsTerri Turner
Computers, Internet, WebPhil Roberts
Compliance CommitteeDerek Savage; assigned by subject matter
Conflict of InterestDerek Savage
ConstructionBernard Justis
ContractsAssigned by subject matter below
   -PurchasingPhil Roberts, Clyde Bernett
   -EmploymentGerard St. Ours (non-faculty),     Patty McLean (faculty)
   -School of MedicinePatty McLean, Derek Savage
   -Information TechnologyPhil Roberts, Clyde Bernett
   -International "Doing Business" IssuesBernard Justis
   -IP LicensingDerek Savage, Phil Roberts
   -International Academic Affiliations and ProgramsDerek Savage
   -Real EstateBernard Justis
   -Clinical Affiliation AgreementsDerek Savage, Patty McLean,     Clyde Bernett
Controller’s OfficeDerek Savage, Bernard Justis
CopyrightPhil Roberts
Criminal/Law EnforcementPatty McLean, Gerard St. Ours,   Clyde Bernett, Terri Turner
Crisis & Emergency ManagementGerard St. Ours
DefamationTerri Turner
Development/GiftsPatty McLean, Bernard Justis
Discrimination (Including Investigations)Gerard St. Ours, Patty McLean,    Terri Turner
Disabilities and AccommodationsGerard St. Ours
DiversityGerard St. Ours, Patty McLean
Divisions/SchoolsAssigned by subject matter
E-discoveryTerri Turner
EBDIBernard Justis
Effort ReportingDerek Savage
EEOC ComplaintsTerri Turner
Employee BenefitsGerard St. Ours
Employment & Personnel Issues (non-faculty)Assigned by subject matter below
   -Employee RelationsGerard St. Ours, Clyde Bernett
   -Employment Law Compliance (FMLA, FLSA, Title VII, ADA, etc.)Gerard St. Ours, Clyde Bernett
   -Hiring and RecruitmentGerard St. Ours, Clyde Bernett
EndowmentBernard Justis, Patty McLean
Entertainment and ArtsPhil Roberts
EnvironmentClyde Bernett
EthicsDerek Savage
Export ControlsClyde Bernett
FacultyAssigned by subject matter below
   -Tenure and PromotionPatty McLean
   -Recruitment and HiringPatty McLean
   -Employment Law Compliance (FMLA, Title VII, ADA, etc.)Patty McLean, Gerard St. Ours
   -GrievancesPatty McLean, Gerard St. Ours
   -Professional MisconductPatty McLean
FacilitiesBernard Justis
False Claims ActDerek Savage
FASAPGerard St. Ours, Patty McLean
FERPAGerard St. Ours, Patty  McLean
Financial AidGerard St. Ours
FinancingBernard Justis
FOIADerek Savage, Clyde Bernett
GarnishmentsBill Pinner
GovernanceDerek Savage
Government RelationsAssigned by subject matter.
Health Care and Medical Issues (School of Medicine/University issues)Derek Savage, Patty McLean
Health and SafetyClyde Bernett
HIPAAJHHS Legal Department
Hospital RelationshipDerek Savage, Patty  McLean (coordination with JHHS Legal Department)
Human ResourcesGerard St. Ours, Clyde Bernett
Human Subjects/IRBsAssigned by subject matter below
   -Homewood CampusClyde Bernett
   -SOMDerek Savage, Clyde Bernett (coordination with JHHS Legal Department)
   -BSPHClyde Bernett
ImmigrationPatty McLean
Information TechnologyPhil Roberts, Clyde Bernett
Institutional EquityGerard St. Ours, Patty McLean,   Clyde Bernett
InsuranceTerri Turner
Intellectual PropertyDerek Savage, Phil Roberts
Intermediate SanctionsDerek Savage
Internal InvestigationsAssigned by subject matter
InternationalBernard Justis, Derek Savage
   -Overseas Personnel and “Doing Business†IssuesBernard Justis, Derek Savage,  Gerard St. Ours
   -Degree Programs, Contracting, and Academic Affiliation AgreementsDerek Savage
InvestmentsBernard Justis
JHM (School of Medicine and University matters)Assigned by subject matter below
   -Governance, Jointly Owned Entities And Inter-Entity AgreementsDerek Savage (coordination with JHHS Legal Department)
   -CPADerek Savage
   -Professional LiabilityDerek Savage (coordination with JHHS Legal Department)
   -School of Medicine (Faculty, Staff, Students, Research, Compliance, IP, Contracts, etc.)Assigned by subject matter
Johns Hopkins Medicine InternationalDerek Savage,
(University and School of Medicine matters)Patty McLean
(coordination with JHHS Legal Department)
JHPIEGOBernard Justis
Labor Relations and Union MattersGerard St. Ours
LegislationAssigned by subject matter
LibraryPhil Roberts
LitigationTerri Turner
LobbyingGerard St. Ours
MCICDerek Savage
Mechanics LiensBernard Justis
Medical ArchivesDerek Savage
Medical MalpracticeJHHS Legal Department
Misconduct – Professional & ResearchPatty McLean
MuseumsPhil Roberts, Patty McLean
National SecurityDerek Savage
Non-profitDerek Savage
PatentsDerek Savage, Phil Roberts
(coordination with JHTT)
Patent LitigationTerri Turner
Personal InjuryTerri Turner
Personal PropertyBernard Justis
Policy DevelopmentAssigned by subject matter
Political ActivityGerard St. Ours
Postdocs and FellowsPatty McLean, Gerard St. Ours
Press and PublicationsPhil Roberts
School of Medicine PublicationsPatty McLean
Privacy and Information SecurityPhil Roberts, Patty McLean,       Gerard St. Ours
Professional Fees/Billing ComplianceDerek Savage
Public AffairsAssigned by subject matter
Public Safety & SecurityGerard St. Ours
PurchasingClyde Bernett, Phil Roberts
Real EstateBernard Justis
Records ManagementAssigned by subject matter
ResearchAssigned by subject matter below
   -Sponsored ResearchDerek Savage
   -AnimalsDerek Savage
   -Compliance – Misc.Derek Savage
   -Export ControlsClyde Bernett
   -Conflict of InterestDerek Savage
   -Effort ReportingDerek Savage
   -Human Subjects/IRBs
     -HomewoodClyde Bernett
     -SOMDerek Savage, Clyde Bernett
(coordination with JHHS Legal Department)
     -BSPHClyde Bernett
   -Research MisconductPatty McLean
Risk ManagementTerri Turner
Service of ProcessDerek Savage, Terri Turner,          Bill Pinner
Sexual HarassmentGerard St. Ours, Patty McLean
Sponsored ResearchDerek Savage
Stem Cells, Human Genes, TissueDerek Savage
Student Affairs (Including Academic Ethics, Misconduct, Advising, Student Life/Activities, Student Organizations, etc.)Gerard St. Ours
Graduate studentsPatty McLean, Gerard St. Ours
Student Health/Student AssistanceGerard St. Ours,
And CounselingPatty McLean
SubpoenasTerri Turner, Bill Pinner
TaxBernard Justis, Patty McLean
Technology TransferDerek Savage, Phil Roberts
TelecommunicationsPhil Roberts
Tenure and PromotionPatty McLean
TrademarksPhil Roberts
Trade SecretsDerek Savage, Phil Roberts
Training/Legal SeminarsAssigned by practice area
TrusteesDerek Savage
Trusts & EstatesPatty McLean
Use of Johns Hopkins NameDerek Savage, Patty McLean
Violence & Risk AssessmentPatty McLean, Gerard St. Ours
Whistleblowers Including HotlineGerard St. Ours
Worker's CompensationGerard St. Ours, Clyde Bernett
(managed by the Department of Health, Safety and Environment)
Zoning and Land UseBernard Justis







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