We work with partners across Johns Hopkins University and Medicine to discover, analyze and present comprehensive information to strengthen Johns Hopkins' public position and reduce institutional risk.

The reports that follow are produced by the Strategic Initiatives Team. Please direct any questions or requests for printed copies of any of the reports to gca@jhu.edu


Title page of Economic Impact Report does not open to reportEconomic Impact Report

The Economic Impact Report (EIR) examines the direct and indirect economic impact of Johns Hopkins in Maryland, Washington, DC, and Florida. Published every four years, the most recent report is based on FY 2017 data. Several of the reports and summaries are below. For all reports and summaries click here.

Maryland Executive Summary | Baltimore City Executive Summary | Washington, DC Profile



Title page of Investing in and Serving Our Communities does not open to reportInvesting In and Serving Neighboring Communities

Since their founding in the nineteenth century, the Johns Hopkins Institutions have been committed to investing in and serving Baltimore's diverse communities. Examples include investments in neighboring communities, including local residents and businesses in the development and operation of the Johns Hopkins enterprise, expanding access to and improving the quality of health care, engagement of University students and Johns Hopkins employees, improving educational opportunities for elementary and secondary students.

Investing In and Serving Neighboring Communities


Title page of Community Health Needs Assessment does not open to report

Community Health Needs Assessment

Completed every three years, the Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) identifies the health needs of the communities surrounding Johns Hopkins Hospital and Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center known as the Community Benefit Service Area (CBSA). The CHNA includes an Implementation Strategy identifying the goals and strategies on how Johns Hopkins plan to address the CHNA-identified needs of the CBSA. The most recent CHNA can be found below, for more information on the CHNA process and past reports click here.

Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) and Implementation Strategy 2018


Title page of Community Benefit Report does not open to reportCommunity Benefit Report

Nationwide, all nonprofit hospitals are required by the IRS to demonstrate the value they directly provide in community benefit activity.  Additionally, the Maryland Health Services Cost Review Commission (HSCRC) requires Maryland hospitals to submit community benefit information annually in order to compile a publicly available, statewide Community Benefit Report (CBR).  Current year and previous year CBRs that were submitted by the individual hospitals are available on the HSCRC’s website. Below are the FY 2018 CBR Inventory and Narrative for The Johns Hopkins Hospital and Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center, respectively.

Fiscal Year 2018 The Johns Hopkins Hospital Inventory | Fiscal Year 2018 The Johns Hopkins Hospital Narrative | Fiscal Year 2018 Johns Hopkins Bayview Inventory | Fiscal Year 2018 Johns Hopkins Bayview Narrative | Community Benefits Brochure (2017)


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