Johns Hopkins is Maryland’s largest employer, a major purchaser of goods and services, a sponsor of construction projects and a magnet for students and visitors. In fiscal year 2014, we estimate that Johns Hopkins and its affiliates directly and indirectly accounted for more than $9.1 billion in economic output in Maryland, and 85,679 jobs.  Including operations in Washington, D.C. and Florida, we estimate a total economic impact of nearly $10.1 billion and over 95,000 jobs.

The following links provide more information about the economic impact of Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, Maryland, and beyond:

Economic Impact in Baltimore City

Full Report | Executive Summary | One Page Summary

Economic Impact in Maryland

Full Report | Executive Summary | One Page Summary | Johns Hopkins Health System Full Report | Baltimore County Profile | Howard County Profile | Montgomery County Profile

Economic Impact in Washington, DC and Florida

Washington, DC Profile | All Children's Hospital Full Report (St. Petersburg, FL)

Economic Impact in Maryland by Congressional District

1st District | 2nd District | 3rd District | 4th District | 5th District | 6th District | 7th District | 8th District


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