Video Strategy


Deirdre Hammer

Deirdre Hammer, senior video producer, has worked for Johns Hopkins since 1984 as part of the team that launched the Instructional Television Facility, a network of closed-circuit television classrooms around the university campuses. Deirdre (pronounced Dee-Yar-Dray) uses a degree in film and her extensive experience to create video news releases, television spots and full script-to-screen productions. She joined Video Strategy from the President's Office of Digital Video Services; her skills include scripting, shooting, editing, animation, graphics and video-for-web. Deirdre has won several awards for editing while building a vast video library over the past 25 years.

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Dave Schmelick

Dave Schmelick is a multimedia production coordinator. Dave's interest in audio and video production stems directly from a passion for music composition, performance and recording.  The majority of his 20+ years as a musician has also allowed Dave to develop his skills as an engineer and producer in both audio and video production.  Dave attended Ohio University, where he earned his B.A. in Audio Production, as well as his Master's in Multimedia Production.  

Prior to joining Video Strategy, Dave served as Digital Media Specialist at Johns Hopkins Medicine International.  During this time, he produced and managed a variety of content for both medical and consumer audiences, and facilitated hundreds of international video conference meetings.

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